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Friday, May 24, 2013

Season in Review: John Carlson

Remember how bad of a start John Carlson had to the season?  In the Caps dreadful start, Carlson was on the ice for 20 goals against within the first nine games.  He seemed lost, he turned the puck over far to much, and just made stupid, bonehead plays.

Then he cut his hair.  And all of a sudden, the Carlson we’ve all grown to love came back.  He had the 6th highest amount of points on the team with 22 in the regular season, and the second highest plus-minus with 11.

The Massachusetts native has been one of the more confident Caps defenseman ever since he joined the team.  He does occasionally have the poor play on defense that costs generally costs the team a goal, but those mistakes will continue to decrease as the 23 year old gains more and more experience.

What I liked about Carlson this year was that he seemed to grow a little more offensively.  The Caps don’t necessarily need offensive d-man, we already have that guy in Mike Green, but it never hurts when you have a guy who is willing to throwing pucks from the blue line at the net.  His six goals this year only trailed his career high by three, so we should expect a relatively decent scoring year from him next year.  He’s not going to produce Green-like numbers, but I don’t think a 12 to 15 goal season is out of the question for Carlson.  With Green being constantly injury prone, it is generally Carlson who replaces him on the power play.  Carlson didn’t have any power play goals, but he did have five power play assists.

Video Provided By: Fred Murtz

We have Carlson locked up in DC until 2018, so it is good to know one of our best defensemen will be rocking the red for a little while.  He will only get better with more and more time.

Grade:  B

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