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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Season in Review: Troy Brouwer

Troy Brouwer was only three goals behind his season high of 22 this year with 19.  In his 22 goal year, he played in 78 games.  This year, he appeared in 47.  It’s really too bad this year was a shortened year due to the lockout, because Brouwer was set to have his best year ever.

The 27 year old has really found a home in DC, becoming one of the teams best scoring threats.  While he played on the second line, he had no trouble finding the back of the net.  Brouwer is one of the more physical players on the team, recording 108 hits in the regular season.  He has really developed into a player similar to Brooks Laich, someone who is capable of doing everything for the team.

At the beginning of the season, I stated on more than one occasion that Brouwer should be on the first line with Ovie and Backstrom.  He has a very similar style to Mike Knuble, who excelled on the top line with those two for a couple of years.  That first line needs somebody who will crash the net and score the garbage goals, and that guy is not Marcus Johansson.  Brouwer can win board battles and make his way to the front of the net to 1) screen the goaltender, something the Caps lack and 2) put away any rebound that is made.  It would work perfectly.  Let Backstrom find the open Ovie, let Ovie fire one to the net, and if that doesn’t go in, then Brouwer is there to finish it.

That being said, Brouwer can clearly create his own opportunities.  He had the second most power play goals with seven, and had the second highest shooting percentage with 17.1.  He is one of those players that is smart enough to play on the first line, skilled enough to play on the second, and has the tenacity to play on the third.  Every team needs a Brouwer.

Grade:  A


  1. Anonymous8:37:00 AM

    Marcus was not on the first line to be a net presence. He was there to create a threat via his speed and pull attention from Ovi; to create holes for Ovi. No one else on the team has his speed, defensive skills and hands to be on that line presently. I am getting sick of hearing him thrown under the bus. That being said, Brower had a fantastic year as the "sniper" on the second line.

  2. Thanks for reading! I hope you didn’t interpret that I was throwing Mojo under the bus. He is a skilled player. That being said, I’m not sure I can count on two hands how many times he missed a WIDE OPEN NET this year on set up passes from both Ovie and Backstrom. I just personally feel that Brouwer would be a better fit because Ovie and Backstrom thrived on a line with Mike Knuble from 2009 to 2011, and Brouwer is the closest thing we have to Mike Knuble.

  3. Anonymous10:07:00 AM

    That won't happen unless Oates let's go of the "LH LW" and "RH RW" thing he likes to have. So Brouwer stays on 2nd line.

  4. That is most likely true, and as long as Oates creates opportunities for Brouwer on the second line, the Caps will continue to see success from him.

  5. Anonymous1:09:00 PM

    Thanks for standing up for MarJo; I too am tired of him being bashed all the time. I also wonder why 'big guy crashing the net' is the ONLY way to configure a line. Geez. TFB is fine on the 2nd line.