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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Season in Review: Tomas Kundratek

Tomas Kundratek is a young Caps prospect that saw a decent amount of time this year.  The 23 year old appeared in 25 games for the Caps, adding one goal and six assists before going down with a leg injury.  Even while healthy, Kundratek could not crack the Caps starting 6, as there were many players in front of him.

And that is always going to be Kundratek’s problem with the Capitals.  He will always be seen as a depth player.  Even with the strong possibility of Schultz going on the move, and Tom Poti already announcing he will not return to the team, there is still at the very least six choices in front of him at the blue line.  The top six are clearly the guys that played through the playoffs.

But take a look at who we already have waiting in the wing.  A healthy Dmitry Orlov is the logical choice over Kundratek.  Orlov has a physical side to his game that Kundratek simply can’t match.  And to be completely honest, I don’t really think it matters who we play between Kundratek and Cameron Schilling.  They are very similar players.  I would tend to give the upper hand to Kundratek based on his very, very slight experience, but that isn’t necessarily saying much.

Kundratek becomes a restricted free agent this year, and it may be in his best interest to see what his options are before he rushes into a contract extension with the Capitals.  I don’t doubt that he will receive a contract extension, but ultimately the best move for Kundratek is to weigh his other options.

Grade:  C+

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