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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Follow the Ovie

Ovechkin is a beast.

He's playing absolutely out of his mind.  In his last 30 regular season games, he has 31 goals.  3...1.  That is insane!  If he was to continue that pace for the rest of the season....that's....that's....85 goals.  85 goals!  In this day and age, everyone is impressed if you can break 60.

And the way the Caps have been playing, Ovie may need to actually score 85 this season.  Well, it's not that bad.  A couple of weeks ago it was when it was literally only Ovechkin, Backstrom and Grabovski producing any kind of points.  But, now after I wrote my last post where I yelled, and actually wait, you guys know when I start off posts where I am clearly mad you need to read it in a yell-ey voice, right?  Because for a decent portion of the season I get very angry with the Capitals for multiple different reasons, and I'll make sure to let you know when it is one of those times, and last time was one of them.  Anyway, the post where I yelled at Brouwer and Laich and Mojo to step it up, well, since then they have been playing pretty well.

No, no, no.  There is one gigantic problem with this team.


I mean, my God.  How many odd man rushes did they give up last game against the Jets? Keep in
mind, that game was against the Jets, a team that is going to do pretty terrible this season.  Now, I wasn't counting, but I don't think me guessing that they gave up 12 is that far off.  That may even be too lenient.  If it wasn't for Holtby playing like a Titan-Shark-Superman made of Steel type life form, Winnipeg could have put up 10.  Maybe even a dozen.  Maybe even a bakers dozen.

And I don't know how you can just fix it.  I mean, it appears we have to keep Green away from the defensive zone as much as possible.  I'm a huge Green fan, because I think he brings a offensive presence from the blue line that maybe only two other teams have, and to me that makes him extremely valuable.  But man, he's playing bad defense.  Hide him.

Erskine hasn't been much better.  He's too slow.  The only way he can be properly utilized is if he consistently stays on the 3rd line pairing.

Oleksy is fine.  He does have a mental lapse every once in a while on the ice, but I have at least one mental lapse a day on dry ground, so I understand.

Carlson and Alzner have me concerned.  I do like that they are back together because I think they are the closest thing we have to a shutdown pairing.  But their play has been scaring me.  Carlson always gets off to a slow start, but even still, are they actually as good as us Caps fans think they are?  I mean, they aren't Chara and Boychuk.  They're not Seabrook and Keith.  Heck, they aren't even McDonagh and Girardi.  If anyone desperately has to pick up their play for the sake of the team, it's these two.  But, fortunately, I think they have the best chance of turning it around.  And I still think they are as good as we think they are.

We are good Schmidt.

I hope Holtby reamed these guys out last game, because he bailed his defensemen out more times in one game than some goalies do in a month.  That's what is going to have to improve to be a contender.  Defense.  Because everyone in this league knows the Caps can score three or four a game.  But what they also know is that the Caps can give up four or five.

Just my observations.  Lets go beat the Oilers 5-0.

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