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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What the Puck?

Well, that's about it.

After tonight's 5-0 loss to the Dallas Stars, a game that was pretty much a must win situation, they have completely blew it.

According to Sports Club Stats, the Caps now have an 8.3 percent chance of making the playoffs.  To have a realistic shot, that means they have to go 4-0-2, and even still, that only gives them a 59.3 percent chance of making the playoffs.  You and I both know there is absolutely no way that is going to happen.

At least our offseason is going to be fun.  I mean, you know how many jobs that loss cost the Caps organization?  Probably a lot.

Who's at risk?

-Adam Oates and the rest of his coaching staff.  I put the majority of the problems on him.  His decisions have become mind boggling.  And if you watch each of his press conferences, his answer is just "Oh, we'll pull through."  "It wasn't our day today."  "Awwww…shucks."  Probably not direct quotes, but it has gone along those lines.  He's made some of the dumbest lines physically possible, mainly partnering the best goal scorer in the league with a guy ranked 522nd in assists in Jay Beagle.  I mean, what is the logic there?  What could it possibly be?  He has virtually no strategy for 5 on 5 hockey, considering we have….maybe two 5 on 5 goals in the past month.  That may or may not be true, but the fact that they are on pace for 138 5 on 5 goals for the season is true.  That's the lowest they've had since 2005-2006, when they SUCKED.  What an absolute disaster.  The defensive scheme is just as bad.  And not just the defensemen themselves, but the forwards defensively are just horrid.  I'm looking at you Ovechkin.  I'm willing to bet Oates' done.

-George McPhee.  This one, in my opinion, is not all that fair.  McPhee has done a fantastic job drafting for virtually his entire Washington career.  He's created potent offenses, and found goaltenders in deeper rounds.  But, he's lately been judged by his defensive assembly, which, as mentioned before, is bad.  And even more judged by one bad trade.  But, you look at his trades in the past, and they have been decent.  You look at his trades this season, and they were excellent.  But, it could understandably be time for a change of scenery.  I can go either way on this.  Some days I'd say it's time to go, other times I think he should stay.  It depends on who is available as his replacement.

-The defense.  These guys are awful.  I think that sometimes Carlson and Alzner don't make that much of a difference.  Green is such a head case that he does far more harm than good at this point.  Erskine is too slow.  Hillen, when healthy, is not a difference maker.  Wey, Brouillette and Carrick just aren't ready.  Erskine is just way past his prime.  The only guy I think plays at, or better, than his ability is Orlov.  His limit is a second line pairing, but he plays his hardest all the time.  Unfortunately, this is going to be difficult to magically make better, as all the main defensemen are signed through next year, but something has got to be done.

As far as the forwards go, I think they are more than capable of being one of the best forward groups in the league.  I just think they are poorly coached.  They need someone who will kick their ass if they don't play better defensively, kinda like Dale Hunter did.

That's all I'm going to say for now.  I can, and will, go far more into detail proving why Adam Oates sucks.  Who could possibly be available to replace McPhee.  And what defenseman we should possibly trade for.  But, I have a headache from banging my head repeatedly into the wall, as that is far more enjoyable than remembering I'm a Caps fan.  So that will come another day, probably within a couple of weeks, when we enjoy a much-more-earlier-than-usual offseason.

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