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Monday, May 26, 2014

Season In Review 2013-2014: Connor Carrick

Everyone was a little surprised to see Connor Carrick crack the roster at the opening season.  He was impressive during training camp, and seemed to catch the eye of Adam Oates.    The fifth round draft pick is more of an offensive defenseman, and has even been compared to Mike Green.

He did have one goal, in just his second game of his NHL career.  But, Carrick never found the net again in his 34 games this season.  He did, however, add five assists to his resume, as he bounced in and out of the lineup.  Let's look at how the youngster did.  All numbers are obtained from Extra Skater, numbers are for all game situations.

Season   GP  G   A   TOI/60   S  Pen  PenD  ShB  HitF  HitA
2013-2014  34  1   5     15.7  26    7    10   56   25   99

Ok.  It's no secret that the Washington Capitals bottom three defensive pairing was pretty disastrous, and that's what Carrick was, a bottom pairing defenseman.  A guy who is considered an offensive defenseman has to be shooting the puck a little bit more than what Carrick did.  This number's not in the table, but can anyone guess how many setup passes (a pass that leads directly to a shot) Carrick had?  It's estimated by Extra Skater that he had 0.  A whooping 0.  Not good  He took 10 penalties,
which is not very good considering he only played 34 games.  He's also not really throwing his weight around all too much.  Now, offensive minded defensemen don't really lay out too many hits, but is Carrick really an NHL offensive defenseman?  Let's look at some more numbers, numbers again obtained through Extra Skater, all numbers being in close 5 on 5 situations.

Season   CF   CA    CF%   C% Rel   FF    FA    FF%  FF% Rel   PDO
2013-2014  237  313   43.1%    -8.0%  177   238   42.7%    -8.9%  100.3

Oh God.  There is literally, LITERALLY, nothing good to say about these numbers.  He's giving up far more shots than what he's taking, and it's not even close.  That Corsi-for ranked him in 671st place in the NHL for players who played in at least 10 games.  How can you possibly say anything good about that? 

Statistically, Carrick was a disappointment.  Is it possibly because he is too young?  Does he need to gain more experience?  Was he brought up far to early?

Yeah, all those things.

I think Adam Oates may have potentially stunted Carrick's career.  He simply did not look comfortable out there.  He looked like a guy that was just one year removed from his senior prom, maybe because he was.  If he gains a little more confidence, he could potentially be an effective offensive defenseman. But, his ceiling is at the third line.  I just don't ever see him panning out to being anything too terribly special.  Now that Barry Trotz has just been named manager, it will be interesting to see how Carrick fits in the Capitals upcoming season.  My guess, he plays in Chocolate town.

Grade: D+

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