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How to Target Featured Snippet Rankings in Google’s search results

Ever searched in Google and saw your answer featured in a giant ranking sitting just above the search results? These large search results are called "featured snippets" and can send a mind-blowing amount of traffic if youre clever enough to achieve one of these types of rankings. While achieving a featured snippet can be difficult, theres a couple of techniques for achieving one of these rankings.

Before I jump into the techniques, are you still not sure what Im talking about? Quickly Google a couple of questions and look for the giant search result that answers your question at the top of the search results, you cant miss it—its about three times bigger than a regular search result. Heres some example searches that usually deliver a featured snippet in the results, “how to get started in real estate”, “how to increase your blog traffic”, and so on...

Featured snippets can be a tricky because there is no special code or tag you can use for these according to Google, quite simply, your answer needs to provide a great answer for your audience, or at least Google needs to see it that way. Fortunately for us, some clever SEOs have figured out some general techniques and criteria for targeting these sexy rankings.

1. Your desired ranking must be for a question type keyword. Searches that arent phrased as a question generally wont trigger a featured snippet, so better to focus on question related keywords.

2. Your page must be performing okay generally. You dont necessarily need to be ranking in the top position, but if youre ranking on page 2 or page 3, its unlikely youll achieve the featured snippet ranking, if this is the case, first focus on ranking higher. If youre already ranking around positions 1-4, then you have a greater chance of being featured.

3. Your answer should be clear and concise. It almost goes without saying, well-written and clear answers have a much greater chance of being featured then poorly written answers.

4. Provide more valuable information than a simple and direct answer. If your answer has numbered lists, rich media such as images and videos, and is generally more helpful than an obvious answer to the question, then you have a greater chance of being featured.

5. Include a Q&A or how-to section on your site. Increase content in a question and answer format and increase your odds of being featured for several pages.

Want to read up further on featured snippets? Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting provided a great write up on his studies and techniques ranking for featured snippets.

How to Get Featured Snippets For Your Site


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