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Using AdWords Alone: The Right Choice?

A great debate continues to rage in the industry regarding how many people click on Google’s paid advertisements versus the organic non-paid listings. We speak to a lot of small business owners who claim that they personally never click on paid ads. There are statistics, however, that suggest Internet users click on these paid ads around 5% of the time.97 Others state that users with commercial intent may click on PPC ads around 65% of the time, especially when they are ready to make a purchase. Google and PPC agencies all tend to pump the stats in favor of PPC ads for obvious reasons.

Marketers who specialize in organic SEO promote the benefits of organic rankings over paid advertising for similar reasons. Generally speaking, most accomplished SEO professionals are also great at AdWords, and there is a solid reason for this — training and transparency. With all the certification programs, live phone support, and Google AdWords reps and techs available for ongoing account support, it makes sense.

SEO, on the other hand, is the opposite of transparent, with Google going to extreme lengths to protect its algorithmic secret sauce. SEO experts have to pay very close attention to ranking changes on a daily basis, assess these changes over a period of time, monitor feedback, and test SEO strategies in order to determine what factors get a website to rank. It is vital to find out how those factors are weighted in terms of algorithmic importance. Certified AdWords consultants are a dime a dozen, while true SEO expertise can be significantly harder to find.

Across our stable of clients, we have noticed that about 10-20% of client traffic comes from well-funded, properly optimized AdWords campaigns. That is why we can state with confidence that your company will get five to ten times as much targeted traffic from SEO than from a company that only has a PPC strategy in place with no organic visibility.

Since AdWords is a bid-driven game, some of your competitors may be willing to shave down their profit margins to get those clicks. Google’s endgame is, in fact, to make sure that there is no money left on the table in terms of what you are willing to spend on your advertising budget.

While AdWords is usually a much better investment than any other form of traditional advertising, it still does not come close to the return on investment from a professionally executed SEO campaign. Great SEO gets you a lot more clicks for a lot less cost per click, period. Low quality, amateur SEO can be a total waste of time or worse, result in a penalty.

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